jeudi 11 janvier 2018

Autres Lieux 104

Dimensions : 20x20 cm
Medium enduit, pigments, encres gomme laque, pigment noir.

2 commentaires:

  1. hello, Elisabeth, I really like this work. A nice combination of colours too ! I am a member of the Belgian Scriptores and I heard that they have invited you to come and give a summer workshop . But what I'd like to know first, is: will you be teaching this nice 'matière enduit' that I've often seen in your work as a subject in Turnhout this summer ? Or will it be more about something else ? Kind regards, Annick

  2. Hello Annick. The title is "Matière, composition & Calligraphie". I will teach "enduced surfaces" with calligraphy.

    Have good days.